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Traditional teeth whitening is the process of using a Carbamide Peroxide formula which bleaches the teeth as it undergoes an oxidation reaction, lightening the discolorations on the enamel (the hard surface of the teeth) and dentine (the underlying material under enamel).

Absolutely. These are exactly the same methods and ingredients your dentist uses to whiten teeth. Our product is FDA approved, and is enamel safe.

Inadequate brushing and flossing to remove plaque, and stain-producing substances like coffee and tobacco can cause tooth discoloration.

Yes, international shipping is only a flat rate of $5!

There’s a protective piece of plastic in the battery compartment, simply take it out to activate the battery.

Some people may experience tooth sensitivity when whitening their teeth, this is normal and only temporary. If you experience this, depending on the severity, you can lower the minutes per treatment, or take a one day break from treatments, until the sensitivity disappears. Using sensitivity relieving toothpaste like Sensodyne before and during treatments can help if your teeth are on the sensitive side, however is not required.

We do not recommend whitening for the following:

– Children under the age of 18, as the pulp (nerve of the tooth) is enlarged until this age and whitening will cause irritation and sensitivity.

– Pregnant and breastfeeding women, however you can seek advice from your obstetrician/paediatrician.

– Health related issues – e.g. colitis or chrones, as these health issues can cause damage to your enamel.  We recommend you seek advice from your GP or dentists before buying if you have:

*Peridontal disease;

*Overly sensitive teeth;

*Have had recent oral surgery;

*Decayed teeth;

*Exposed roots;

*Exposed dentine;

*Jaw problems.

We recommend between 30-60 minutes.

How long results last will vary from person to person and will depend on your lifestyle choices and consumption habits. After a few months, if you feel the shade of your teeth have become less white, and you want to maintain a truly blinding white smile, a maintenance treatment could be had.

There is enough gel in your kit to last about 20 applications depending on your usage. The 7 day formula refers to the drastic results you will have after only a week of use.

Carbamide Peroxide, Glycerine, Propylene glycol, Carbopol, Menthol, Triethanolamine

No, whitening only works on natural tooth enamel. However, if there are any external food or drink stains on these restorations, they will be lessened.

Don’t worry if your gums got white, it’s only temporary. They’ll be back to normal within an hour. This can either be due to overfilling, or your trays may require further trimming at the gum line.

Two years. Solutions can be stored in the refrigerator to help improve shelf life.

Studies show 58% were more likely to hire someone with white teeth.


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